Slovenia, a green land that will embrace you with unique, unspoiled nature.

Green. Genuine. Sustainable.

Slovenia is a green country, as lush forests cover more than 60% of its territory. They are intertwined with green meadows and crystal clear waters, and in the north, they are surrounded by the highest peaks of mighty mountains. Set out to discover the beauties of Slovenia on foot or by bike. Take a breath of fresh air and feel the unspoiled nature. Listen to the wind whispering in the canopies and the burble of the streams. Because of its rich flora and fauna, Slovenian nature is so inviting all year round. Let’s listen to the green stories we tell together with the locals. Slovenians respect their natural and cultural heritage, so we are committed to sustainable development. Get to know our green trails and be a part of the green destination.

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SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency
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