The Bee

Native Carniolan Honey Bee

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There is no life without bees. By pollinating plants, these diligent creatures take care of food production and biodiversity.

More than 230 years ago, Slovenian beekeeping was introduced to the world by the pioneer of modern beekeeping, Anton Janša, who taught beekeeping in Imperial Vienna. In honour of these extraordinary creatures, we have celebrated May 30 as the International Bee Day since 2017. The initiative for this celebration itself came from the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association. Today, approximately 11,350 beekeepers in Slovenia take care of 205,000 hives, which places Slovenia at the top of EU member states. Honey has finally found its way into Haute Cuisine, and apitourism has formed, encompassing various themed bee trails and a wide range of apitherapy.

The Bee
Few people know that the second most widespread breed of bees in the world is the native Carniolan Honey Bee, which originates from the Slovenian ethnic area. Carniolan Honey Bee is distinguished by diligence and excellent orientation.
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