Saddling up the Elegant White Horses

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In the embrace of oak forests and pastures, protected by the famous white fence, grazes a herd of three hundred famous white horses, Lipizzaners. 

The Lipica stud farm is the oldest stud farm in the world, where a unique breed of horses has been continuously bred for 430 years. The Lipizzaner is distinguished by its unique character, elegance and firm body, suitable for dressage. Apart from breeding excellent horses, the stud farm boasts a rich cultural and natural heritage, an equestrian museum. You can watch dressage riding or take a carriage ride through the idyllic karst landscape. Due to this uniqueness, the Lipica stud farm was declared a cultural monument of national importance.

About 30 foals are born on the Lipica stud farm every year. Foals and younger horses have black fur that turns grey over the years. Only between the ages of five and seven, due to depigmentation, do horses get their characteristic white coat.
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