Going with the Flow

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Slovenia is rich in water and, with almost 30,000 km of watercourses, ranks among the wateriest European countries. 

Clear rivers, bubbling streams and idyllic waterfalls invite the visitor to take a step closer. The rivers offer summer refreshment, are a natural place to relax and provide many opportunities for adrenaline and more laid-back sports such as stand-up paddling, canoeing, swimming or fishing. You will find as many things to do as there are rivers. Let us mention just a few: the longest is the 221 km long Sava, the warmest is the river Kolpa, the most beautiful is the emerald river Soča, and the most mysterious is the river Reka, which slips into the underground of the Škocjan Caves, where it has formed a surreal underground kingdom.

The emerald river Soča originates in Trenta under the mighty wall of the Julian Alps. It then winds across Slovenia until it empties its waters into the Adriatic Sea in Italy. Its beauty has taken over Disney creators, who in 2007 shot some scenes from the film Stories from Narnia: Prince Caspian here.
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