The Blue Mirrors of Nature

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What could be more pleasant than sitting by the lake and watching the beautiful surrounding nature in its reflection? 

There are more than 1,000 lakes in Slovenia, which offer visitors numerous water experiences. The largest Slovenian lake is Lake Cerknica and is actually a natural karst phenomenon, as its level fluctuates significantly due to the karst surface and the amount of water. Lake Kreda, whose name originates from its chalky blue colour, offers us a unique wet refreshment. Undoubtedly the most famous is the iconic Lake Bled, which in its heart carries the only lake island in Slovenia.

Upper Kriško Lake is the highest lying lake in Slovenia. It is located at 2,154 m above sea level, on the limestone Križ floors. However, many lakes are also hidden in the karst underground. So Križna jama boasts as many as 22 emerald lakes connected by an underground stream and are also accessible to visitors who sail through them with boats.
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