The Way to a Man's Heart is Through his Stomach

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With its varied, local and top-quality cuisine, Slovenia has become one of the most recognizable gastronomic destinations.

24 gastronomic regions and three wine-growing ones designate the small country as something extraordinary. Slovenia can offer as many as 170 different recognizable dishes prepared from locally grown ingredients. Each region offers its specific tastes: if we travel into the Alps, we will see that the best cheeses and dairy products are matured here, Kranjska klobasa is boiled, delicious cream cake and homemade potica are baked. In the karst region, local prosciutto is dried in the bora, and people propose toasts with a glass of sophisticated Teran. The Mediterranean offers us fresh fish and seafood, top-quality olive oil and the best carefully selected wines. If we travel to Prekmurje, we are pampered with homemade stews such as bograč and the unforgettable Prekmurje gibanica. That is why Slovenia has earned the eminent title Slovenia - European Gastronomic Region 2021. Well, enjoy your meal – or as they say in Slovenia: Dober tek!

In 2020, Michelin stars were awarded for the first time in Slovenia, and 6 restaurants received them. Two were received by Hiša Franko, where the best culinary master in the world, Ana Roš, creates her masterpieces.
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