Primaeval Forests

Embraced by the Unspoiled Nature

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Slovenia is the land of forests. As much as 60% of the area is overgrown with forest, which means almost every settlement is located on the edge of one.

Rich Slovenian forests are vital consumers of carbon dioxide, have a high production value, offer a home to many animals, and enable sustainable tourism development. Moreover, the forests, which human hands have not touched for centuries, retain their originality and represent a priceless natural habitat. We call these unique habitats primaeval forests because they teach us about biological processes through time. There are 14 preserved primaeval forests in Slovenia, and the most valuable among them are Rajhenavski Rog and Krokar in the Kočevje region.

Primaeval Forests
The Rajhenavski Rog primaeval forest extends in the heart of the Kočevje primaeval forest. It is dominated by mighty firs and beeches, which grow up to 50 m high, not to mention that many are up to 500 years old.
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