The Divje Babe Flute

The Oldest Musical Instrument

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Music is not just art. It fills the heart and soul and at the same time gives strength and energy for new achievements.

The oldest found musical instrument in the world testifies to the innovation and ingenuity of a neanderthal man who lived in Slovenia. An impressive 60,000- year-old bone flute was found in the Divje Babe cave. It immediately ignited many controversies and divided the professionals. An unusual musical instrument made from the femur of a cave bear has been discussed in numerous studies worldwide. The flute is ergonomically perfected and adapted to the right-handed musician, who drew the first musical tones through four crafted holes.


The Divje Babe flute was discovered in 1995 and is the only flute found in the world made by a Neanderthal. The oldest musical instrument in the world can be seen in the National Museum of Slovenia.
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