A Sustainable Urban Water Source

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Water is life, and with its many forms, it is the driving force of humanity. It is the fundamental source of our planet and an essential factor in human existence. 

That is why it is vital to have access to good, clean and, above all, local drinking water. Unfortunately, today, water resources are polluted, and waste plastic bottles are a big problem. That is why the Slovenian startup myWater has developed a sustainable smart water filling station. The goal is to offer free access to the highest quality drinking water in urban areas while reducing wastewater and plastic packaging. myWater water station is made of Slovenian wood and is equipped with advanced nanotechnology for water filtration, which provides clean and fresh water. The thirsty user simply brings their bottle and pours water without contact. The sustainable water station educates the user about the importance of hydration and a sustainable lifestyle. In addition, it enables smart tracking of water use and quality, making it suitable for integration into smart city structures or "smart cities". With this solution, myWater wants to accelerate the global transition to sustainable water use accessible to anyone and anywhere. Smart water fountains can be placed in any area and offer efficient and inexpensive access to drinking water without consuming electricity.

In the coastal city of Koper, the filling station has reached more than 100,000 charges since October 2020, which is equal to 50,000 litres of local water, 9.1 tons of saved CO2 and 2.4 tons of saved disposable plastic bottles.
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