Friar Simon Ašič

The Connoisseur of Traditional Herbs

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Friar Simon Ašič is a charismatic Slovenian healer and a great connoisseur of medicinal herbs who knew how to listen to every patient and offer him real help.

For 73 years, Father Ašič lived with short breaks in the Cistercian Abbey of Stična, considered the oldest and the only still functioning Cistercian monastery in Slovenia. His herbal books with recipes for healing the body are a health bible for generations of Slovenian families. He researched more than 400 medicinal plants growing in Slovenia. During World War II, he nurtured exhausted refugees in the Stična monastery and helped them with medicinal plants. Over time, Stična began to become an important medical centre, as the number of patients who came there for help snowballed. Friar Ašič became known as the "Styrian doctor". Despite his great popularity and comprehensive knowledge, he remained modest.


Friar Ašič was highly famous for his apple cider vinegar. He used it with all types of food regularly; the only exceptions were milk and coffee. He has not dined in the last twenty years of his life, and his breakfast is now quite famous - sauerkraut with honey.
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