Vita Ivičič

Connecting traditional with modern

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Vita Ivičič is an internationally awarded designer of clothing, goods and space installations who breathes new life into natural and already used materials and embellishes them with flowers.

She operates under the vita ivicic brand. She perfected her knowledge and experience by studying design in London. She is inspired by nature and the natural as well as by the transformation of the traditional into the modern. In her work, she emphasizes the use of handpicked natural materials and first-class sustainable production of her creations themselves. In her designs, she uses patterns she finds in nature. She is inspired by floral patterns, which she often transfers to fabrics using natural prints and natural colour extracts. Vita is constantly enriching her knowledge by researching the traditional arts of knitting, weaving and printing as seen in different parts of the world.


In 2017, she received the most experimental and innovative collection award at the Mittelmod competition as part of Milan Fashion Week.
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SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency
Verovškova 60, SI-1000 Ljubljana +386 1 589 18 70