Tushek TS 900 Apex

The Lightest Hypercar in the World

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Tushek Supercars is a Slovenian company operating in the field of luxury sports car development. In 2019, it introduced the world's first hypercar, the TS 900 APEX, considered one of the lightest, fastest, and most manageable sports cars. 

The TS 900 APEX features extreme aerodynamics and an electric powertrain that, combined with an internal combustion engine, gives the vehicle 1,400 horsepower at just 1,440 kilograms. The car accelerates from zero to one hundred kilometres per hour in just 2.5 seconds, and the top speed is 380 kilometres per hour. The use of new technologies resulted in the technological revolution on four wheels. It offers new driving dimensions made possible by hyper hybrid technology. Tushek's body is made of carbon fibre; apart from that, the scissor door and removable hardtop further enhance the feeling of sportiness and exclusivity. Tushek has been developing this car for 4 years with the team and external partners.

In optimal conditions, the TS 900 Apex can travel around 50 km only with the help of electricity.
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