Weiler Abrasives

Co-creating advanced changes in the abrasive industry

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As an industry leader and global manufacturer of surface conditioning solutions, Weiler is eager to create a collaborative relationship to overcome the toughest cleaning, grinding, cutting, deburring, and finishing challenges.

  • Company name: Weiler Abrasives d.o.o.
  • Core business: Weiler Abrasives is the industry leader in manufacturing abrasive products and brushes for every application.

We serve customers in 80+ countries with more than a million square feet of advanced manufacturing facilities in North America, South America, and Europe.

Partner events

25.11.2021 / 16:00 / Slovenian Pavillon: Europe Square

Poslovno-promocijski dogodek: Zlatarna Celje in Weiler Abrasives

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SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency
Verovškova 60, SI-1000 Ljubljana +386 1 589 18 70