KENS electronics

Electronic devices and systems

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In 1996, the company started to develop and produce electronic devices for cable wire control.

  • Company name: KENS elektronika d.o.o.
  • Core business: Constructing, assembling and producing electronic devices and systems

Our innovative development enabled companies to optimize their working environment, increase competitiveness, gain reputation and first and foremost increase productivity and lower their operating costs. Apart from testing devices, Kens Ltd. produces customized electronic circuits. By providing universal and customized solutions, Kens Ltd. has become a competitive supplier which has been reflected by domestic (Institute Jozef Stefan) and international cooperation (e.g. Fair, Germany) and Super KEKB Belle II (Japan).

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20.10. - 24.10.2021 / Slovenian Pavillon: 2. floor

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Expo 2020 Dubai
Expo 2020 Dubai
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