We believe in electronics.

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We believe in electronics. This is why we survived - even in Corona times. And this is why we can make your next generation HDI PCB design possible.

  • Company name: INTECTIV d.o.o.
  • Core business: Manufacture of printed circuits

We have developed a new concept to offer services in this emerging 5G market. It's called INTEC 5G, a 3-stage program for prototyping, market entry and scale up of circuit boards for new products. Out of 100 PCB manufacturers in Europe, we are one of only very few that can deliver this level of performance fast, reliable and economical. Clients who turn to us for help with next generation 5G products are multinational technology conglomerates with billions in turnover.

Expo 2020 Dubai
Expo 2020 Dubai
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SPIRIT Slovenia, public agency
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